All Creatures Great and Small - Pet Sitting Service - Newnan GA
Services and Rates
Dog and Cat Visits
Starting at $18.00 per visit.  Based on distance and number of animals and visits per day.
Visit to include:-
Feeding, fresh water each visit, walking, and potty breaks for dogs, cleaning cat litter, medicating, playtime, lots of TLC!!  Also watering plants, switching on and off lights, and collection mail

Dog Walking/Middle of the Day Potty Break.
Great for dogs that need exercise, or just need a potty break in the middle of your work day. 

$20.00 dog walk (minimum of 20 mins)
$18.00 potty break and playtime 

Horse Visits
$20.00 per visit up to 3 horses
$25.00 per visit for 4 horses and up    
$7.00 per stall for barn kept horses
$30.00 Horse exercising (Contact for details)
Visit to include:-
Pasture HorsesFeeding, watering, checking for injuries, medicating
Barn Kept Horses: Feeding, watering, turning out, bringing in, pick out stalls, checking for injuries, medicating.
Other Animals Welcome
In addition I have cared for turtles, lizards, fish, parrots, parakeets, chickens, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs and much more.  Contact me for details.
Pet Taxi Service
$30.00 per hour (Vet or Dog Grooming)

Summer 2020 Special:

1 free visit for new customers 
1 free visit for recommendations from existing customers
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